About the Author

Pete Blaber commanded at every level of one of the most elite counter-terrorist organizations in the world during most of recent history’s most significant military and political events (Panama, Colombia, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq).In 2006 he retired from the military and transitioned from leading elite combat teams around the globe, to leading elite corporate teams for one of the world's largest and most innovative Biotechnology Companies.

“After 21 years of using the term ‘common sense’ to describe the way I lived and led in the military, this was the first time I actually paused to ponder what ‘common sense’ actually is and why people seem to recognize, respond to, and appreciate ‘common sense leadership’ whenever they experience it. I didn’t have to look far to find the answer. The answer is both all around and inside us. It’s not political, or religious, or philosophic. It’s biologic. Biology reveals that life always finds a way. It’s the "Common Sense Way.” In 2015 I left my job as a Biotechnology executive to write this book.

“In 2018, while still working on this book, I decided it was time to pressure test the “Common Sense Way” in the living laboratory of real-world experience, so I started an international company that adds armor protection to any type of vehicle (e.g. cars, trucks, vans, buses, etc.). The idea behind Adding Armor is to create a “Mobile Safe-Room” that protects the vehicle’s passengers from would be attackers (criminals, terrorists, active shooters, and anarchists) while also providing “peace of mind” that cannot be attained in an unarmored vehicle. In today’s world, adding armor to protect your family, friends, and colleagues is common sense. It’s the ‘Common Sense Way’”.

Pete was born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois. He has an MBA and an MS in National Security and Strategic Affairs.