Interview with L Todd Wood from Information Operation

Written by:
Pete Blaber
June 4, 2023

Host L Todd Wood speaks with Former Special Mission Unit Commander Pete Blaber about his new book “The Common Sense Way.” The purpose of this book is to change “the way” we the people think and speak about leading and organizing. Leadership isn’t about where we went to school, or what degree we earned, or what we look like, or how tall we are, or our gender, and you’ll likely never hear any of these qualities used to describe the attributes of great leaders. What you will hear, sooner or later, in every description of every great leader is “common sense.” Have you ever known a great leader that wasn’t a “common sense leader”?

The “Common Sense Way” promotes a new way of thinking that can radically enhance the way we learn to adapt to complex problems and opportunities as well as the way we lead and organize to accomplish any purpose. In this book you’ll learn the same lessons Pete learned: What is common sense; How do our brains make sense of what’s going on around us; How to keep cool in a crisis and make sensible choices about what to do next; How to select the best people and build the best teams: and How to put Common Sense Leadership into practice across all contexts of leadership and life. Enjoy the book and let the Common Sense Revolution begin.

The Common Sense Way

The Common Sense Way

Have you ever wondered what “common sense” is and why people recognize, respond to, and appreciate “common sense” when they experience it? The answer is all around and inside of us. Biology reveals that life always finds a way. It’s the “Common Sense Way.” In this book, you’ll learn what I learned and what many other common-sense leaders across the ages learned before us: What is “common sense”, How do our brains “make sense”, and how to put it into practice across all contexts of leadership and life.

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